Bhaj Townsend

Focus and Sustain


Bhaj Townsend is Founder of Focus and Sustain, coaching people to strengthen their connection to their families and the businesses they run for generations.

Bhaj's background includes being a third generation witness to a family business that was split apart due to family friction, the result of indecision on succession planning. Because of the tensions and consequences that resulted from the turmoil, Bhaj dedicated her professional life to understanding how the impact of money can keep a family unified instead of tearing them apart, regardless of who is in the family business.

Bhaj began her career as a financial planner and had the opportunity to understand that financial stewardship was rare and the consequence of taking money casually was potentially devastating. She developed her nationally accredited Cash Focus program to coach people to financial stewardship. Over the years she realized that money stewardship affected families, like her own as much as it did individuals. She studied, researched and developed materials and systems that assist families in staying connected while growing wealth. Recently she has formed an alliance with Charlotte Lamp, PhD, third generation member of the Port Blakely Companies, coaching families in successful wealth transfer and growth.

Bhaj is the author of ‘Building a Lasting Legacy: What It Takes to Connect Your Family for Generations.' She has been host of a PBS show on financial literacy for children, featured as makeover expert to people with their money, led intergenerational programs to enhance financial literacy in families. She has been interviewed and participant to numerous radio shows on financial literacy and building legacy families. From her speaking presentations people come away with a sense of "having come home" as she gives tangible and attainable strategies for her audience.