Beyond the Piggy Bank

Clint Greenleaf

In Beyond the Piggy Bank, Clint Greenleaf - entrepreneur, CEO, CPA, and father of three reveals the simple path to ensuring that your child will enter adulthood knowing how to manage their money. After exploring the existing literature on children and money, Greenleaf realized he could not prescribe the right way to teach children about money. Instead, he has created a framework that allows you to tailor a financial education to your child without leaving out any of the essentials. Beyond the Piggy Bank will help you explore your own financial values and level of financial literacy. Each of those values is then applied to a simple but fundamental lesson in your child s financial literacy journey. By the end of this book, you will have a thoughtful, well-developed, and easy-to-execute roadmap that will enable your child to confidently handle their personal finances.