Barbara Moran-Goodrich

Co-Founder, Chairwoman, CEO, Moran Family of Brands

BBarbara Moran-Goodrich is one of Moran Family of Brands’ co-founders and she has served as a member of Moran’s Board of Directors since its inception in 1990. Ms. Moran has served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Moran since 1999. In 2010, Ms. Moran was appointed as Chairwoman of Moran’s Board of Directors. Barbara Moran has also served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Transmission City, Inc., an automobile repair and service equipment supplier in Midlothian, Illinois since 1999. Barbara Moran began working for Transmission City, Inc., in 1995 and has served in many capacities including finance, marketing, customer relations, production and operations. Ms. Moran is also a co-founder of Mor Property Development and a general partner since its inception in 1994. She currently serves as Managing Member of Mor Property Development. She has served in that capacity since 2004.