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A son's push for planning

Published January 6, 2020 Hedda Schupak | Feature Article

In many family businesses, it’s the younger generation that’s eager to charge ahead and the elders who rein them in. At Summer Classics, a Pelham, Ala.-based manufacturer and retailer of luxury ou...


Good practices in family well-being: Embracing the rising generation

Published January 6, 2020 Jeff Strese | Advisers

Whether an adult son or daughter is eager to understand the ins and outs of the family business or a curious grandchild expresses passion for creating a difference in the world using impact investing ...


How to determine whether your family office is successful

Published January 6, 2020 Charlie Carr | Advisers

Last year, someone asked me a simple question that led to quite a bit of thought and discussion: How do I know if my family office is successful? The most common initial answers (investment returns, t...


Dealing with conflicting emotions after selling your family business

Published January 6, 2020 Jill Shipley | Advisers

After years of dedication to building your business and seeing it through countless ups and downs, you might receive an offer for the company that you can’t refuse. While this may sound like a great...


Don't be a Goofus

Published January 6, 2020 Barbara Spector | Departments

Senior editor April Hall and our whole team at Family Business have been very excited about April’s profile of Highlights for Children Inc. in this edition. Many of us were subscribers as children, ...


Spotting the differences

Published January 6, 2020 Bill Rock | Departments

Growing up, I looked forward to receiving the latest issue of Highlights magazine, the publication whose family owners are featured on the cover of this edition of Family Business. I would immediately...


January/February 2020 Family Matters

Published January 6, 2020 | Departments

Carey Jaros, a non-family executive who had served as as chief operating officer at GOJO Industries, has been promoted to president and CEO of the Akron, Ohio-based inventor of Purell Instant Hand San...


Dueling Perspectives: IDEAL Industries and E. Ritter & Company

Published January 6, 2020 Barbara Spector | Departments

E. Ritter & Company, a Marked Tree, Ark.-based portfolio company currently focused on agriculture and telecommunications, elects its family council members. The Ritter Family Council consists of t...


At the Helm: Crystal Maggelet

Published January 6, 2020 Patricia Olsen | Departments

Generation of family ownership: Second. We’re a holding company that owns various petroleum  and healthcare businesses, and an investment portfolio. My father started Flying J, a travel center ...


Celebration Corner: Jazzercise Inc.'s 50th anniversary

Published January 6, 2020 Ilene Schneider | Departments

The Business: As a pigeon-toed toddler, Judy Ann Sheppard (later known as Judi Sheppard Missett) enrolled in dancing lessons to straighten out her gait. She showed a clear aptitude for dance and was p...


Tips on interviewing compensation consultants

Published January 6, 2020 Bertha Masuda | Departments

Pay decisions and processes are key components of a company’s talent strategy. As your company’s overall business strategy evolves, so too must its pay philosophy and programs. Leaders often rely ...


New Orleans frozen treat is an American classic

Published January 6, 2020 Hedda Schupak | Departments

Shortly after Mardi Gras on Feb. 25, another grand New Orleans tradition begins: the reopening of Hansen’s Sno-Bliz stand, usually around March 1.A Hansen’s Sno-Bliz is not your average snow cone....


Haws Corporation family governance builders

Published November 5, 2019 | Feature Article

Haws, based in Sparks, Nev., and part of Traynor Family Enterprise, was founded in 1906 with the invention of the drinking fountain. The company today provides hydration systems as well as engineered ...


Trustees must build rapport with younger beneficiaries

Published October 28, 2019 Pamela Lucina | Advisers

When 28-year-old Brady lost his mother to a sudden illness, in addition to grief and loss came questions about how to manage a large trust created by his mother. The mother’s estate plan distributed...


Family cleaning brand remains untarnished

Published October 28, 2019 April Hall | Departments

Alison Gutterman does not like to clean. Some people do, she realizes, but she’s not one of them. That’s funny, because her family owns Jelmar, the Skokie, Ill.-based company behind CLR and RustX ...


Tips on interviewing financial advisers

Published October 28, 2019 Christopher F. Poch | Departments

Do your homework• Determine your advisory needs. Do you require financial planning, estate planning and trust services? Will you need lending, insurance, philanthropic and tax planning advice? Do yo...


Celebration Corner: Crescent Electric Supply's 100th anniversary

Published October 28, 2019 Barbara Spector | Departments

The Business: The Schmid family’s first business venture was the Schmid Brewery in Dubuque, Iowa, founded in 1855 by Titus Schmid, an immigrant from Bavaria, Germany, according to a blog posted on C...


At the Helm: Sue McCollum

Published October 28, 2019 Patricia Olsen | Departments

Generation of family ownership: Third.Revenue: $415 million.Number of employees: 612.Years with the company: Eight. I formally started on Jan. 1, 2011, when my late husband, Todd Epsten, CEO, was ill ...


Dueling Perspectives: Bill Hudson and Lynn Clarke

Published October 28, 2019 Barbara Spector | Departments

William A. (Bill) Hudson serves as president, international in his family business, H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company, which makes and distributes sprayers to protect against insects, weeds and plant ...


November/December 2019 Family Matters

Published October 28, 2019 | Departments

Meghan Juday, a fourth-generation family member, will become chairman of IDEAL Industries on Feb. 1, 2020, following the retirement of Jim James from the post on Jan. 31.Non-family executive Steve Hen...