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What's Two Hundred Years Old and Runs Like Clockwork?

Published January 1, 1989 Barbara B. Buchholz |

The Bixler-family's jewelry business stays in touch with the time.


Parasites vs. Plunderers: A No-Win War

Published January 1, 1989 Gerald Le Van |

Whether Sallie Bingham was the heroine or the villain in the real-life family business melodrama of the year depends largely on one's point of view. As most of us know from the press reports of her st...


Paying Fair

Published January 1, 1989 Kenneth Kaye |

Salaries in a family business should be based on performance, not sentiment. When owners can't establish a rational compensation system for their kids, it's often a symptom of a company-wide — and a family-wide — problem.


How to Put Your Business into Print

Published January 1, 1989 James Bowman |

It is not uncommon for a big company that has been around for many years to commission a corporate history for the benefit of clients, shareholders, and future generations of managers and employees. F...