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Home, Home on the Range...

Published November 1, 1990 Senator Steve Syms |

I WAS ABOUT EIGHT YEARS OLD when I hauled my first bucket of cherries from the family fruit orchards near Caldwell, Idaho, at a place called Sunny Slope. The cherries weighed almost as much as I did....


Customers for Life

Published November 1, 1990 Carl Sewell |

There was never any doubt that Carl Sewell would take over his family's car dealership in Dallas. But the timing came as a shock. Sewell's father died just two years after Carl joined the business. ...


Managing Hired Guns

Published November 1, 1990 Patricia A. Frishkoff |

Jeannette, the owner of a family business, knew her key nonfamily manager had helped her through many recent business setbacks. Now that the company was back on track, Jeannette wanted to make sure t...


A Trust Betrayed

Published November 1, 1990 Howard Muson |

ED STOVALL, 62, owner of the Wheatality Baking Co. in St. Cloud, Minnesota, is seething over something he has just noticed in his son Gary's expense report. The bill lists restaurant and motel charge...


Vive la Difference: Why Family Firms are Special

Published November 1, 1990 Jayne A. Pearl |

Family business chiefs are more concerned with successors, long-term stability, and achieving personal wealth than their nonfamily business counterparts. This according to this year's Pulse of the Mid...


Keeping the Succession Pac-Man Under Control

Published November 1, 1990 Peter Davis |

For employees of a family company, the arrival of a member of the next generation signals momentous changes. Suddenly, there is a new and potentially powerful player on the scene, a son or daughter wh...


Letting Go

Published November 1, 1990 Robert McClory |

STORIES OF ALAN CRANE'S TEMPER are legendary at the Crane Carton Co. in Chicago. Typical was the day that Alan, while patrolling the plant, found a loaded pallet blocking the fire door. According to ...


Estate Planning

Published November 1, 1990 Thomas F. Commito |

Excuses, excuses. Convincing owners of businesses that an estate plan is a necessary evil can be more difficult than devising the plan itself. Those who avoid drawing up an estate plan may ultimately...


The Ghost of Owners Past

Published November 1, 1990 David Graulich |

The surprise hit movie of the year, Ghost, tells the sentimental story of a kind-hearted ghost, played by handsome Patrick Swayze, who returns to earth and assists his loved ones through trouble and ...


Make the Kids Earn It

Published November 1, 1990 Dan Rottenberg |

The name Coors carries two very different meanings: It's the beer Americans love to drink, and it's the family Americans love to hate. The catch is that you can't have one without the other. The beer...


Succession Planning

Published November 1, 1990 Benjamain Benson |

Charley Jones has a problem. He's nearing retirement age and must find a successor in the business that has taken him a lifetime to build. His two children are competent, and each wants to be CEO. ...


Saving Your Company By Building Consensus

Published October 1, 1990 Peter Davis |

We often hear it: In any business someone has to be in charge. Particularly in a family enterprise with many active members — parents, brothers and sisters, cousins — it has to be clear who has th...


Managing People

Published October 1, 1990 Jeffrey S. Davis |

When you own a business, you'll do anything to keep the customers satisfied, and you try to convey the family business values to every employee. You have a simple and trustworthy feedback system: yo...


The Reluctant Successor

Published October 1, 1990 Howard Muson |

At one point in Dan Gerber's new novel, A Voice from the River, Nick Wheeler recalls getting up his courage to tell his father, Russell, he is leaving the family company. Nick sees his job in the car...


Raising Rosinka

Published October 1, 1990 Stephen J. Simurda |

Alan Senie and Nolan Kerschner knew they had their work cut out for them as they sat around a conference table at the London headquarters of the Morgan Grenfell bank last January. Their goal: to secu...


Spouse Troubles

Published October 1, 1990 John A. Davis |

Theresa Cox shows up at the Cox Paper Products plant quite often these days. Sometimes she has her two children in tow, and the three of them troop into the office of her husband, Robbie Cox. Robbie...


Revenge of the Idiot Nephew

Published October 1, 1990 David Graulich |

Nephews occupy a peculiar and difficult place in the family business universe. Of all the bloodlines, relationships, and rivalries woven into the fabric of a family business, nephews carry the heavie...


Family Relations

Published October 1, 1990 Tom Hubler |

In-laws bear the brunt of countless jokes aimed at their alleged incompetence or tendency to interfere. Family business spouses, though, can often help, instead of hinder, the family business.Because ...


Just Plain Great Service

Published October 1, 1990 Patrick Houston |

From all outward appearances, this company could be just another one of those slick, high-tech ventures in California's Silicon Valley. The suburban headquarters is filled with casually dressed, frie...


Solving an Age-Old Problem

Published October 1, 1990 Grace W. Weinstein |

Honey Siegel is quick to tell you how lucky she is. Her 90-year-old mother, who lives with her, required emergency homecare after falling and breaking her arm, and then soon again after fracturing he...