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Starring in Your Own Ads

Published January 1, 1991 Anne B. Fisher |

There's no mistaking that Daw's Home Furnishings in El Paso, Texas, is a family business. The store's full-page ads in local newspapers proclaim "HOME OWNED AND OPERATED FOR OVER 38 YEARS!" The smilin...


Scoping Out Insurers

Published January 1, 1991 Mike Cohn |

Will you outlive your life insurance company? Until quite recently, the question was rhetorical. Little in lifewas as secure, stable, and enduring as the insurance industry. Today, however, the...


Resolving Conflict

Published January 1, 1991 Kenneth Kaye |

When she heard her terminally illhusband and two sons start yetanother round of nasty squabbling, Grace Spyros could dolittle but mutter, "Here we goagain." She knew the combatants' habitswell enough...


Risk is No Longer a Four-Letter Word

Published January 1, 1991 Peter Davis |

When Jan Carlzon was appointed CEO of ScandinavianAirlines System (S.A.S.) inthe early eighties, the company was a stagnant bureaucratic organization that wasbarely surviving on what remained of its...


Workmen's Comp. Costs

Published January 1, 1991 Jayne A. Pearl |

While manufacturers across the country are losing money because of yearly increases in worker's compensation claims, a Massachusetts-based makerof men's suits named Grieco Brothersis saving a bundle...


Strategic Marketing

Published January 1, 1991 Daniel A. Nimer |

Your son is doing a terrific job. Heis turning out a high-quality floor buffing machine while holding theline on operating costs. Thebuffers command a premiumprice. By raising the price even higheran...


Dangerous Liaisons (Don't Mess With The Boss's Son)

Published January 1, 1991 Howard Muson |

Savonda Thomas suspects her husband, Steve, is having an affair with one of his employees, a flag person in the family construction company. One night Steve tells his wife he's going to the hospital w...


Taking Your Company Overseas

Published December 1, 1990 Stephen J. Simurda |

As recently as 10 years ago, Bill Fleming says, exporting accounted for 35 percent of sales at the Fleming Manufacturing Co. in Cuba, Missouri. Fleming neglected his overseas business as the domestic...


Health Insurance

Published December 1, 1990 Jayne A. Pearl |

Last year health insurance premiums for business rose 20.4 percent. To hold the line, more and more companies, large and small, are auditing their health care bills. It can be done by outsiders or wi...


Good to be Home for the Holidays

Published December 1, 1990 David Graulich |

Ah, the holidays. Those joyous times when family members gather around the dinner table in Rockwellian tableau and share glad tidings.But for members of family businesses, the holidays present a speci...


Family Harvest

Published December 1, 1990 Berkeley Rice |

WITH A GENTLE PUSH, the Jenkins family orchestrates the September harvest of their 56-acre cranberry farm. For four generations the Jenkinses have farmed the bogs of Cape Cod, cultivating the tart re...


Competing When Wal-Mart Comes to Town

Published December 1, 1990 David Diamond |

WAL-MART IS COMING! Those are fighting words for the family owners and operators of the 60 shops that line State Street the main thoroughfare in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. When news leaked out last ...


Taming the Emotions that Upset Business

Published December 1, 1990 Peter Davis |

Social psychologists like to make a point about human behavior by describing an experiment with a frog. If the frog is dropped into a bucket of hot water, they note, it will jump out immediately and i...


How to Hire an Advisor

Published December 1, 1990 Louis Moscatello |

Many family businesses look for outside help when dealing with interpersonal conflicts that become business problems. And a growing band of people who call themselves advisors are all too happy to se...


Make a Career of Retirement

Published December 1, 1990 Howard Muson |

T0 THE YOUNG, retirement means clearing away a roadblock, says Leon Danco; to the old, it's equated with euthanasia. Danco, who has worked with family businesses for more than 30 years, now feels h...


The Starrs Who Light Up Broadway

Published December 1, 1990 Kevin McManus |

THE PATRIARCH WENT IN HIS SLEEP. Melvin Starr, 69, died on a Tuesday in May, 1988. He was buried that Friday. And by the following Monday his office at the Artkraft Strauss Sign Corp. had been comple...


Transition Planning

Published December 1, 1990 Gerald Le Van |

Jack Jr. has a fancy title, but lacks the authority to go with it. In notso-subtle ways, his father keeps reminding Jack Jr. that he's being paid more than he is "worth." Jack Jr. is forever being gr...


Managing Relationships

Published December 1, 1990 Tom Hubler |

We all can identify people who work hard. We may loosely use the term “workaholic” to describe such people. But there's a difference between people who work long hours and those who let work serio...


Born Too Late to Lead?

Published December 1, 1990 Ruta Skirius |

"I HAVE BEEN WITH THIS COMPANY for 16 years, and I think I know something about the business," Robert McGarry says, his voice shaking with anger. "In fact, Frank and I have been thinking a lot about ...


How to Earn Respect When You Take Over

Published November 30, 1990 Tom Peters |

Modesty, humility, simplicity. These are not just the traits of a good monk. They are also the essential attributes of a successful second or third generation family member who hopes to take over from...