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Revenge of the Idiot Nephew

Published October 1, 1990 David Graulich |

Nephews occupy a peculiar and difficult place in the family business universe. Of all the bloodlines, relationships, and rivalries woven into the fabric of a family business, nephews carry the heavie...


Family Relations

Published October 1, 1990 Tom Hubler |

In-laws bear the brunt of countless jokes aimed at their alleged incompetence or tendency to interfere. Family business spouses, though, can often help, instead of hinder, the family business. Bec...


Just Plain Great Service

Published October 1, 1990 Patrick Houston |

From all outward appearances, this company could be just another one of those slick, high-tech ventures in California's Silicon Valley. The suburban headquarters is filled with casually dressed, frie...


Solving an Age-Old Problem

Published October 1, 1990 Grace W. Weinstein |

Honey Siegel is quick to tell you how lucky she is. Her 90-year-old mother, who lives with her, required emergency homecare after falling and breaking her arm, and then soon again after fracturing he...


Rough Rider

Published September 1, 1990 John A. Davis |

WHAT WOULD YOU DO?: From the age of 2, Boyd Makewell Jr.'s three children have been taught that they are some day to run the building supplies company founded by their grandfather. But Boyd's actions...


Tune In, Turn On. Dad: Drop Out!

Published September 1, 1990 David Graulich |

The television show that made Michael J. Fox a star, Family Ties, had a simple premise: What happens when children are more conservative than their parents? Fox's character, a teenager named Alex, was...


Family Banking

Published September 1, 1990 Francois de Visscher |

How can a family business in the third generation and beyond meet the financial needs of dozens of shareholders, in and out of the business, who may have nothing in common but blood and history? One ...


Fare Maiden

Published September 1, 1990 Berkeley Rice |

UNTIL TWO YEARS AGO Kate Dickholtz lived a comfortable life as a suburban housewife. After her husband, Art, left for work each morning, she filled her days with cleaning, gardening, church and club ...


Family Connections

Published September 1, 1990 Mark Fischetti |

"GOOD EVENING. Welcome to Roseland. Jaime Hernandez over there at the bar can make you a drink. Have a song request? Ask Ruben Hernandez, our deejay. Noella Hernandez can find you a snack. And if you...


In Dad We Trust

Published September 1, 1990 Dan Rottenberg |

It was a year of living dangerously in the Maryland household of Robert E. Patton. Upstairs, the 57-year-old entrepreneur was recuperating from a heart attack. Downstairs, two of his ten children, 21...


How Father-Son Battles Helped Shape Today's IBM

Published September 1, 1990 Peter Davis |

AIthough T.J. Watson never owned more than 5 percent of IBM, he always considered it his business — he did, that is, until he began to lose it to his son, Thomas J. Watson Jr. The son's recent book,...


The Bagel Barons

Published July 10, 1990 Ronald H. Drucker |

Last month my two college-age daughters, Tracy and Meredith, asked me what happened to the family bagel business. They remembered my father visiting, always carrying a bag full of bagels freshly bake...


Smart Borrowing

Published July 1, 1990 Daniel T. Zapton |

Many bankers aren't in a good mood these days. Some banks, smarting from losses on their portfolios and feeling the sting of federal regulators, are getting much tougher when it comes to making loans...


Inn Love

Published July 1, 1990 Stephan Wilkinson |

A fire flickers on the hearth as my wife sits in its warmth, idly doing a piece of needlework. A cueball clicks on the splendid 1918 Brunswick slate table beyond the chintz-covered couch as our 10-ye...


Log Jam

Published July 1, 1990 Robert Charm |

Two sons are near-polar opposites in temperament, personality, and business style. A toe-to-toe argument between them has put everyone in the company on edge. Fearing the tension could paralyze the b...


Facing Up to the Perils of Patriarchy

Published July 1, 1990 Peter Davis |

When I give a talk to family business owners in Mexico, I almost never find a company in the fourth generation. The tales of famous split-ups in family companies make constant cocktail party conversa...


Strategy and Tactics

Published July 1, 1990 Donald J. Jonovic |

0ne of my clients uttered the damning words just a few weeks ago: "I don't believe strategic planning makes sense for a business like mine. I'm worried that all this planning will overwhelm my instin...


How to Hold a Family Feud

Published July 1, 1990 David Graulich |

The family feud is usually considered the bane of family business. That's because the typical feud can be a nasty thing to behold — petty, dismal, and disruptive. Not all family feuds, howeve...


The Forbes Mystique

Published July 1, 1990 Jayne A. Pearl |

With the death of his father last winter, Malcolm Stevenson "Steve" Forbes Jr., 42, inherited control of the elegant yacht, the Highlander; properties from Fiji to France; hot-air balloons; motorcycle...


Fiscal Fitness

Published July 1, 1990 Richard J. Martin |

p>There was little to hold them back. After Congress loosened the regulatory reins in the early eighties, savings and loan executives leaped onto the same high wire as the rest of the financial co...