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A Life-and-Death Choice on Life Insurance

Published May 30, 1994 Joe M. Goodman |

Life insurance is almost always an important part of an estate plan for family business owners. Yet many owners I know devote little attention to selecting a qualified life insurance agent. Too ofte...


Common Fantasies about the Consultant's Role

Published May 30, 1994 Ivan Lansberg |

Ivan LansbergThere are probably almost as many reasons for hiring consultants as there are family business owners in America. The most commonly stated ones include: the development of a succession or ...


How I Exposed a Favorite Lecture Circuit Cliche

Published May 30, 1994 John S. Powell |

  "Only 3 in 10 family businesses survive into the second generation..."     — The New York Times, Dec. 26, 1993. "Only one-third of family businesses surviv...


Let the Acquirer Beware

Published May 30, 1994 James S. Howard |

On paper, the concept looks attractive. You have built a successful company through hard work and smarts. You have established a sound competitive position in a solid market niche. But additional gro...


Introducing the Tough New Bird on the Block

Published May 30, 1994 Howard Muson |

Frank Perdue has become an American icon as a result of starring in his own commercials as “a tough man who makes tender chick en.” The latest radio and TV commercial for Perdue Farms marks a succ...


Growing and Diversifying Under One Umbrella

Published May 30, 1994 John A. Davis |

Many people think of a holding company as a hollow organization in which faceless portfolio managers juggle investments much as they would in a Monopoly game. For a family company, however, such an or...


Preparing a Nonfamily Leader for Emergencies

Published May 30, 1994 Robert A. Clarfeld |

When Jack Miller, the owner and chief executive officer of a family owned market research company in Chicago, suddenly became ill and could no longer work, employees lost the leader they had relied on...


How Smith Brothers Became a Famous Trade and Mark

Published May 30, 1994 Robert N. Steck |

Any family business might hope that its name would become a widely recognized trademark. For John Smith's sons, William and Andrew, that hope became reality in a very literal way.The Smith family busi...


Exploiting the Information Age

Published May 30, 1994 Stephen J. Simurda |

For 28 years the Thomas S. Klise Company of Peoria, Illinois, has helped to teach millions via the company's educational film strips, which are widely shown in the nation's schools. But as new techno...


Heading Off Conflict at the Impasse

Published March 30, 1994 Fredda Herz Brown | Advisers

All families have conflict and all businesses have conflict. Conflict is built into our lives, and while it tends to be viewed negatively, it can provide opportunities for constructive change. It beco...


Overcoming Growing Pains

Published March 30, 1994 Stephen J. Simurda |

As Ed Dorian Jr. hurries through the halls of his company’s fourth-floor office on a campus-like setting in White Plains, New York, he doesn’t see desks and work cubicles and busy sales p...


The Lessons of Stew-Gate

Published March 30, 1994 Jayne A. Pearl |

The shocking case of Stew Leonard Sr., who was sentenced to prison last year after pleading guilty to an elaborate tax evasion scheme, has received considerable publicity. Though the media thrives on...


Keep What You Earn While Giving It Away

Published March 30, 1994 Joe M. Goodman | Advisers

Giving to charity has always been a prudent way to reduce income taxes. But suddenly the value of charitable giving has increased dramatically, especially for people in higher tax brackets who own the...


Prettying Up Plain Jane Companies For Sale

Published March 30, 1994 Lloyd Greif | Advisers

If all family businesses were beauty queens, their owners would have little trouble finding buyers when they’re ready to sell. But in the real world there are far more Plain Janes than there are Mis...


A Partnership Survival Plan

Published March 30, 1994 Randy Bliss |

”I should have bought stock in the company that makes this stuff,” Ron said as he tossed the drained bottle of antacid in the waste basket. The anxiety and stress of the partner relations...


What Makes a Leader?

Published March 30, 1994 Howard Muson |

What do executives most want to know about the people who work for them? Years ago John Cleaver asked some 2,000 executives who attended his firm’s management development seminars to rank 13 qu...


A Shield Against Predatory Taxes

Published March 30, 1994 Larry W. Gibbs |

The family limited partnership has become a darling of tax advisors in recent months. The tool also has become the talk of the tax circuit because it could be eliminated as soon as next year, given th...


Northwestern Golf Keeps its Eye on the Green

Published March 30, 1994 Mark Fischetti | Departments

In 1929, Nat Rosasco, an Italian immigrant grocer, started a new company with a new idea—that everyone should be able to enjoy the game of golf, regardless of their income. Although this notion does...


How to Plan for your Future Capital Needs

Published March 30, 1994 Chester A. Gougis | Advisers

Almost every company on the New York Stock Exchange was at one time a family business. In most cases, the companies ceased to be family businesses when the need for capital to achieve corporate or fam...


To the Victor Belongs the Ashes

Published March 30, 1994 Jeffrey B. Rudman |

There are people who believe that lawyers—like missiles—are very useful, but only so long as they are kept in their silos. I don’t happen to agree with that remark by the corporate ...