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When Faith Comes First

Published March 30, 1995 Jayne A. Pearl |

Some family businesses put family before business in many decisions; others emphasize business before family on key matters. A great many, however, openly and proudly give priority to their religious...


Time to Open Up the Information Spigot

Published March 30, 1995 Leon Danco |

"Thou shalt maintain an orthodox accounting system and make available the data therefrom to thine officers and managers." You won’t find that commandment anywhere in either the Old Testament ...


How Excellent Companies Do It

Published March 30, 1995 Mark Fischetti |

There are no Academy Awards for family businesses. Their leaders are not featured nearly enough on the covers of popular magazines. There are numerous first-rate family businesses, of course, but the...


A Hooky-Playing Son's Field of Dreams

Published March 30, 1995 Howard Muson |

Around Louisville, Kentucky, the story is as legendary as “Casey at the Bat.” A young apprentice plays hooky from his father’s woodworking shop and goes to a ballgame. The star hitter for the Lo...


The Most Ethical Family Business

Published March 30, 1995 Mark Fischetti |

It’s easy to claim your business is highly ethical, but few owners have had their claim put to the test like Jerith Manufacturing Co., a family owned manufacturer of aluminum ornamental fences ...


Sexual Harassment Charges Can Shake A Family Firm

Published March 30, 1995 Adrienne M. Markham |

“We never thought this could happen to our company.” I hear this lament frequently from managers and owners when a lawsuit is brought against their company for sexual harassment. These executives ...


What's in April's Best Interest?

Published March 30, 1995 Kelin E. Gersick |

MINUTE ORDER Lawrence Tynan, Associate Justice, Probate Court, Madison County IN THE MATTER OF: Jacobs vs. Jacobs-Ranier A petition has been brought before the Court by Dr. Max Worthington of R...


Employee Stock Ownership: What's In It For You?

Published November 30, 1994 Andrew J. Torgove |

Although most family business owners would like to transfer their companies to their children or other relatives, many find themselves in a situation where that is not possible. Children may have no i...


A Dirty Dozen of Liability

Published November 30, 1994 Kenneth P. Brier |

Sam and Eddie, two brothers, had little concern about possible liabilities arising from their business — one of New England's best country inns. They carried insurance. They were current with t...


The Second Fortune is Even Better than the First

Published November 30, 1994 O. Casey Corr |

One late morning in 1969, while his mother was away on vacation, 19-year-old Craig McCaw walked into his father's bedroom and found Elroy McCaw dead from a massive stroke. The eccentric who owned s...


'Women in Family Businesses Feel Isolated'

Published November 30, 1994 Family Business |

Dozens of women participated in the workshops for women started at the Wharton School in Philadelphia by Matilde Salganicoff and the late Barbara Hollander. Fredda Herz Brown is now Salganicoff's part...


Daughters with the Right Stuff

Published November 30, 1994 Howard Muson |

Three years ago at a conference in Atlanta, a daughter in a family business talked candidly about her father's refusal to think about a succession plan. Christine Varney told the audience her father w...


A Lesson in Humility from the Greek Gods

Published November 30, 1994 Ivan Lansberg |

Some years ago a group of scientists studied the bumblebee and concluded that, according to all known principles of aerodynamics, it could not possibly fly. The same has often been said of certain sib...


Update '94: Companies in Transition

Published November 30, 1994 Mark Fischetti |

Family Business has written about numerous companies in its four years. Many have gone on to great success, others have downright failed; sales at Columbia Sportswear have more than doubled, while the...


Why Family Business Doesn't Ring a Bell in Congress

Published November 30, 1994 Howard Muson |

Dave Jones tells a story that confirms your worst suspicions about the general level of understanding of family business in the corridors of government.Jones, once an aide to former U.S. Senator James...


Giving Minority Shareholders Their Due

Published November 30, 1994 Robert W. Murdock |

Three brothers in a second-generation business each own a third of the stock. When one brother becomes seriously ill, the two others agree to buy out his shares so they will retain an equal interest....


Big Brother Is Watching Your Successors-To-Be

Published November 30, 1994 James E. Barrett |

Many younger members of family businesses are greatly annoyed when they learn that people outside the company are watching them closely. Already under close scrutiny by employees, these potential succ...


Only an Einstein Could Unravel This Mess

Published November 30, 1994 Leon Danco |

Too many entrepreneurs I know are like busy spiders. They are quite ingenious in spinning around themselves elaborate legal and financial networks that nobody else — not even the family members in t...


Unequal Pay at the Top

Published November 30, 1994 Karen Sindelar |

Executive compensation has been under intense scrutiny in the last few years. While news headlines question the validity of exorbitant salaries for certain high-profile CEOs, the debate within compan...


How Young Graduates Rate the Family Business

Published August 30, 1994 Teresa Joyce Colvin |

Young people prefer to work for a family company rather than a non-family company—so long as it is owned by their family. However, a recent survey indicates that many students—even those ...