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Daughters with the Right Stuff

Published November 30, 1994 Howard Muson |

Three years ago at a conference in Atlanta, a daughter in a family business talked candidly about her father's refusal to think about a succession plan. Christine Varney told the audience her father w...


A Lesson in Humility from the Greek Gods

Published November 30, 1994 Ivan Lansberg |

Some years ago a group of scientists studied the bumblebee and concluded that, according to all known principles of aerodynamics, it could not possibly fly. The same has often been said of certain si...


Update '94: Companies in Transition

Published November 30, 1994 Mark Fischetti |

Family Business has written about numerous companies in its four years. Many have gone on to great success, others have downright failed; sales at Columbia Sportswear have more than doubled, while th...


Why Family Business Doesn't Ring a Bell in Congress

Published November 30, 1994 Howard Muson |

Dave jones tells a story that confirms your worst suspicions about the general level of understanding of family business in the corridors of government. Jones, once an aide to former U.S. Senator J...


Giving Minority Shareholders Their Due

Published November 30, 1994 Robert W. Murdock |

Three brothers in a second-generation business each own a third of the stock. When one brother becomes seriously ill, the two others agree to buy out his shares so they will retain an equal interest....


Big Brother Is Watching Your Successors-To-Be

Published November 30, 1994 James E. Barrett |

Many younger members of family businesses are greatly annoyed when they learn that people outside the company are watching them closely. Already under close scrutiny by employees, these potential suc...


Only an Einstein Could Unravel This Mess

Published November 30, 1994 Leon Danco |

Too many entrepreneurs I know are like busy spiders. They are quite ingenious in spinning around themselves elaborate legal and financial networks that nobody else — not even the family members...


Unequal Pay at the Top

Published November 30, 1994 Karen Sindelar |

Executive compensation has been under intense scrutiny in the last few years. While news headlines question the validity of exorbitant salaries for certain high-profile CEOs, the debate within compan...


How Young Graduates Rate the Family Business

Published August 30, 1994 Teresa Joyce Colvin |

Young people prefer to work for a family company rather than a non-family company—so long as it is owned by their family. However, a recent survey indicates that many students—even those ...


The Legacy Lingers On

Published August 30, 1994 Roderick W. Correll |

Sale of the family business is an event that frequently precipitates unexpected feelings and outcomes. Often owners who put their companies on the market have different goals and perspectives than th...


When Your Mother-In-Law is The Boss

Published August 30, 1994 Barbara B. Buchholz |

William Bergstein was determined that his plastic lawn-ornament business ultimately wind up in the hands of flesh and blood. Bergstein started ArtLine Inc. in 1963 with financial help from three outs...


All You Need to Ask When Hiring a Consultant

Published August 30, 1994 Family Business |

In the past two decades a new type of professional has been knocking at the door of the family business market, offering to lead struggling family firms toward the Promised Land of business continuit...


Turning The Vision Thing Into Action

Published August 30, 1994 Jan Cook Reicher |

When employees of Silverman’s Stores in Cleveland come to work, President Alan Silverman wants them to know without a doubt where to focus while on the job: that each of Silverman’s four ...


The Ultimate Risk-Takers

Published August 30, 1994 Mark Fischetti |

If ever there was a risky venture, it would be a rock concert to compete on the same day, in the same area, against Woodstock ’94. And if ever there was a family that would take such a risk it ...


The Scion-Lion Who Learned to Roar

Published August 30, 1994 Leslie Dashew |

A king’s time as a ruler rises and sets like the sun. Remember who you are. The words could be advice from a family business owner to a son or daughter. In this case, it is a lion speaking to...


Reengineering the Family Firm

Published August 30, 1994 Baker A. Smith |

Hallmark Cards was doing just fine in 1989 when the head of its core business looked over the horizon and saw trouble. The once-homogeneous greeting card market had fragmented into numerous markets s...


Life is Short and Art is Long for Taxes, Too

Published August 30, 1994 Michael J. A. Smith |

When Jim Wallace died, he left $600,000 of his estate tax-free to his children, and the balance of his property to his wife, Sarah. This estate was valued at $7 million, including $2 million worth of...


What Should Come First--Family or Business?

Published August 30, 1994 Leon Danco |

Years ago as a young man I owned a small chemical business in Connecticut that took almost every minute of my time and every ounce of my energy. My wife, Katie, and our two children suffered greatly ...


A Shopping Guide to Saving on Long-Distance Calls

Published August 30, 1994 Irving L Blackman |

In 1984 the U.S. government divested the nation’s telephone industry. Since that time, AT&T has lost 40 percent of the long-distance industry’s $59 billion market to new kids on the b...


The Scott Family of Atlanta Battled Racism with Integrity

Published August 30, 1994 Mark Fischetti |

In 1928, with help from his four brothers who had followed him from Mississippi, William A. Scott II began publishing The Atlanta World, a weekly newspaper for black readers that countered the often ...