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Managing the Conversation

Published March 30, 1999 Marilee Taussig |

A committed core group of participants is a must for any online conversation group. Idyll Untours (see previous story) had a clear population of long-term, repeat customers who were able to get the c...


Gearing Up for a New Flight

Published March 30, 1999 Mark Fischetti |

Fifty-two years ago, Art Lacey concocted a grand scheme to promote his business. He would buy an enormous WWII warplane and park it over his enormous 48-pump gas station on McLoughlin Blvd. in Milwau...


Taking the Pulse of the Y2K Family

Published March 30, 1999 Ellen Frankenberg |

At the end of the fiscal year, you know where you stand. Clear numbers benchmark your company's success or failure in meeting its targets. Over time, a series of annual figures become graphs that tel...


The Dreams that Drive Business Success

Published March 30, 1999 Ivan Lansberg |

As family enterprises move into a new generation, ownership may be so divided that the new leaders can no longer rely on a controlling share of stock as the primary source of their influence. This fa...


Secrets of Raising Venture Capital

Published March 30, 1999 Jason Olim |

In March, CDnow, the world’s first online music store, announced a $522 million merger with rival N2K. The Olim brothers, who started CDnow in 1994, have millions at stake in a battle for domin...


How to Pay Yourself More and Deduct It, Too

Published March 30, 1999 Harvey D. Shapiro |

For years you treated the company like a part of the family. When business was slow and the cash register was bare, you reached into your wallet with no hesitation. You cheerfully paid for supplies w...


How I Make Decisions

Published November 30, 1998 J.W. Marriot Jr. |

In 1965, Marriott opened its fifth hotel, a 500-room convention facility two blocks east of historic Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta. The huge project was designed to put Marriott on the map as ...


The Hermes Style of Governance

Published November 30, 1998 Monica Wagen |

Hermès SA, the French manufacturer of upscale silk and leather goods, is known as one of the world’s most elegant businesses. Through five generations, the family owned company has caref...


Breaking Down the Wall of Resistance

Published November 30, 1998 James E. Barrett |

I was listening to a very discouraged CEO, George Donnelly Jr. of DonCom Inc. The usually energetic leader, fiftyish and in good health, sagged in his chair. The family business was continuing to gro...


For Love or Money or the Family Legacy?

Published November 30, 1998 Ivan Lansberg |

When people in the business world speak of corporate governance, they usually mean boards of directors. More and more family business owners, however, have begun to appreciate that continuity in the ...


In-Sites on The Web

Published November 30, 1998 Andrew D. Keyt |

The number of Internet and Web sites that address family business is growing so fast that even the best surfers are drowning in choices. Over the past few months I searched with six different “...


Avoiding Snares in the Securites Laws

Published November 30, 1998 Roger R. Fross |

Many owners of family businesses seem to think federal and state securities laws have nothing to do with them. They’re under the impression that the laws apply only to the stock transactions of publ...


Pride and Prejudice Against the Rich

Published November 30, 1998 David Bork |

A young man of 27 who had inherited a very substantial amount of money was exasperated because he felt many people saw him not for who he was—his “personal net worth”—but rather as an extensio...


Testing a Sibling Partnership

Published November 30, 1998 Shu Shu Costa |

The first professional partnership of the Barebo siblings was not a business, but a rock band. Chris, the middle child, played guitar. He joined the group called The Setbacks first, then convinced ol...


On Trying to Remake Others

Published November 30, 1998 Kenneth Kaye |

Do people ever change?” It’s the question I’m asked most frequently by frustrated members of family businesses. They may be referring to a sister’s rigidity about policies and...


Get Ready to Take On the World

Published November 30, 1998 Lawrence E. Koslow |

The vast expansion of international trade that has taken place since World War II has been dominated by largepubliclytraded corporations with the wherewithal and staying power to compete in distant m...


Creating a Cushy Niche

Published November 30, 1998 Mark Fischetti |

BackSaver Products is situated in a corrugated metal warehouse in a c.1960s industrial park in Holliston, Massachusetts, within Boston’s beltway. Inside are utilitarian trappings not uncommon f...


Back to the Future on the Farm

Published August 30, 1998 Hal F. Rosenbluth |

In 1992, I became obsessed with designing our corporate structure into one that was a step ahead of the change curve. Rosenbluth International provides major corporations with sophisticated programs d...


A Succession Checklist for Real Estate Families

Published August 30, 1998 David Berdon & Co. |

How far along are you in planning for succession in your company? David Berdon & Co., a New York accounting firm, has compiled an inventory for family owned real estate firms that is designed to u...


Stay Focused on what Drives the Business

Published August 30, 1998 James E. Barrett |

On your way to work, you're mentally checking your list of things to do for the day. The agenda seems manageable, barely. But there are other people inbound to the same office who are also thinking a...