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Don't Wait for Relief from Washington. Just Do It.

Published November 30, 1996 Stephen P. Kunkel |

Many taxpayers and their advisors have put estate planning decisions on hold while awaiting the outcome of the arcane deliberations going on in Washington over the federal budget. Family business own...


Good Health is Good Business

Published November 30, 1996 James E. Barrett |

Part of the responsibility of a family business consultant is to assist in identifying problems that should be referred to other professionals. My specialty is in business management, but in my 25 ye...


Contrasting Pay Systems

Published November 30, 1996 Anne Baker |

Chief executives of family businesses under $50 million make more money than their counterparts in public firms. Though their salaries may be lower, many receive bonuses that make up the difference&m...


Healthy Disagreements

Published August 30, 1996 Kenneth Kaye |

Problems among people who work together don't go away when ignored or sidestepped, especially when those people are linked by bonds of kinship, affection, and economic incentive. Nor do the problems ...


A Good Deal for Good Corporate Citizens

Published August 30, 1996 Howard Muson |

For almost a decade, the federal government has been offering tax credits for investments in affordable rental housing for working Americans of modest means. To some, the little-publicized program ma...


S Corps Finally Get in Shape to Compete

Published August 30, 1996 Tom Ochsenschlager |

For many family businesses, the S corporation has always had an advantage over the regular corporation for tax purposes. The S corp form affords the same legal protection as a regular corporation whil...


Sizing Up the CEO Support Groups

Published August 30, 1996 Jayne A. Pearl |

In 1983 Eva Hotard was elected at age 23 to lead Hotard Coaches Inc., the New Orleans charter bus company her father founded in 1960. The fourth of nine children, seven of whom work in the family bus...


Catch-22 for Employers

Published August 30, 1996 Susan Grant |

IT WAS ON A Sunday afternoon three years ago, when I stopped by the office of Electrolizing Inc., my family's $3 million business. I found Javier, our receptionist, doing his cleaning work. He had so...


Keeping Titles in Their Proper Perspective

Published August 30, 1996 Ivan Lansberg |

SOME OF THE fiercest succession battles are fought over titles and what they connote to different people. Titles are important mostly for what they represent to the outside world. But they also confe...


Higher Ceilings for Qualified Plans

Published August 30, 1996 Robert N. Cohen |

Many bussiness owners establish qualified pension and profit-sharing plans to increase their personal long-term, tax deferred earnings, and to help the company reduce corporate income taxes. But in i...


How to Position Your Firm for the 21st Century

Published August 30, 1996 Leon Danco |

LIKE MANY Americans, I am struck by the age difference between the two candidates currently campaigning for president. Without commenting on who is best qualified for the job, I can't help thinking, ...


Everyone in the Investment Pool

Published August 30, 1996 Sara Hamilton |

Entrepreneurs who have enjoyed the challenge of building a family business have usually focused during their careers on making money rather than investing it. They often do not have an interest in be...


The Restoration at Crane and Co.

Published August 30, 1996 Mark Fischetti |

In 1775, Stephen Crane sold paper to Paul Revere for the Massachusetts Bay Colony's first currency. In 1801 his son, Zenas, opened a paper mill in Dalton, Massachusetts, and six generations of Crane'...


Bargaining for Capital

Published August 30, 1996 George Thompson |

SAMUEL KIM, a Korean immigrant to the United States in 1972, has earned 35 patents for his innovative electronic products, the most successful of which are arcade-style games that test sports skills....


Feuding Twins

Published August 30, 1996 Howard Muson |

Last February, Van Bernhard brought a lawsuit against his sister, Jean Bernhard Buttner, seeking to dissolve the holding company that gives her control of his inheritance and of the family business. ...


What the silent majority thinks (but may not tell you)

Published August 30, 1996 Ernesto J. Poza |

It is a tribute to family businesses that the nonfamily managers whom they employ tend to regard their firms positively. Most nonfamily managers would, in fact, like to see the companies continue as ...


Strategic Planning Made Simple

Published May 30, 1996 J. Peter Duncan |

FORMAL STRATEGIC PLANNING developed in large companies and business schools in the decades following the Second World War. Most models of strategic planning today reflect those beginnings and reinfor...


CEO of the Breakfast Table

Published May 30, 1996 Robert Sullivan |

AS YOUR FATHER I am happy to report that our family had a marvelously successful first quarter this year. Earnings are up, costs are down (despite the new fuel pump on the minivan) and I as you all k...


Quality Went Out of Style

Published May 30, 1996 Dan Rottenberg |

WHEN New York investment banker Ronald Baron attempted a hostile takeover of Strawbridge & Clothier in 1986, the Philadelphia department store chain responded with feisty full-page newspaper ads ...


Guess Who's in The Fast Lane?

Published May 30, 1996 Mark Fischetti |

GROWTH IS THE TALK of executive circles these days. Company leaders arc finding that cost-cutting and downsizing are not enough to improve a company's long-term financial picture; you can only save s...