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Cultivating the Global Grapevine

Published November 30, 1999 Michael Mondavi |

Robert Mondavi’s ambitions always traveled far beyond the small Charles Krug family winery in the Napa Valley that his father bought and he and his brother, Peter, ran for 23 years. He dreamed ...


The Case of a Non-Survivor

Published November 30, 1999 Mike Hofman |

If one date sticks in Rona Nesbit's mind as her personal Fort Sumter, it's September 25, 1996. She was then the chief financial officer of and heir-apparent to the family-controlled Sutersville Lumbe...


Honoring History

Published November 30, 1999 John Morton |

Most newspaper acquisitions today are driven by cold financial calculations. It’s an exercise in which sentiment and other human qualities rarely intrude. That was not the case, though, in th...


Why We Like Nepotism

Published November 30, 1999 Ivy Molofsky |

As a human resources professional, my instinctive reaction to nepotism used to be that it could simply never work. But since I joined Thomas Publishing Co. in New York City 18 years ago, my views hav...


How to Free Up Your Strategy

Published November 30, 1999 Stephen L. McClure |

Look into the history of any family firm and you’re sure to find a legend—an ancestral founder who started the business with little money but a large idea. The legend had a vision, which ...


Storm in a Champagne Glass

Published November 30, 1999 Joachim Schwass |

Many European observers have tended to dismiss the challenge of American raider Asher Edelman to Société du Louvre, a melange of enterprises controlled by the Taittinger family in Franc...


Surviving Staples: The Rebirth of O'Donnell's Stationery

Published November 30, 1999 Hank O'Donnell |

The idea that our family business might not go on forever never occurred to me when I first entered the firm in 1981. My brothers and sister and I had grown up with O’Donnell’s Stationery. We had ...


Ready, Fire, Aim over the Internet

Published November 30, 1999 Ivan Lansberg |

As in businesses everywhere, e-mail is becoming the communications medium-of-choice for many participants in family companies. The Internet is an especially fast and convenient way for larger sibling...


Old Business

Published September 30, 1999 William T. O'Hara |

'Remarkable' is the only word I can think of to describe the range of reactions to my special report, “The Oldest Family Businesses in America,” which appeared in the Winter issue of Fami...


Succession Journeys

Published August 30, 1999 Deanne Stone |

With statistics indicating that an unprecedented number of family businesses will be changing hands in the next decade, succession planning has been a high-priority topic for this magazine. While man...


Lessons of a Growth Decade

Published August 30, 1999 Stephen J. Simurda |

Throughout the 1990s, many family businesses sought to expand to stay competitive and keep shareholders and employees satisfied. But achieving growth requires shrewd management. Even the best growth ...


Missions Impossible

Published August 30, 1999 Howard Muson |

Many family businesses have mission statements, and there's some evidence that the clarity of a company's statement can have an impact on its bottom line. A new study, however, suggests that some fami...


Meeting the Future with Confidence

Published August 30, 1999 Family Business |

Plan, professionalize, and grow the pieErnesto J. PozaWeatherhead School of ManagementCase Western Reserve UniversityCleveland, OHThere is a widespread myth that unless you are a very large, diversifi...


Can the Values-First Company Survive?

Published August 30, 1999 Dennis T. Jaffe |

In a much quoted Harvard Business Review interview a decade ago, Bob Haas, CEO of Levi Strauss, held up his family company as a model of how a corporation needs to live by its core values. Haas had ta...


How to Combat E-Shock

Published August 30, 1999 Howard Muson |

The Family Business InterviewAs we approach a new century, the ground beneath businesses everywhere is shaking. A primary shaker, according to international e-business expert Michael de Kare-Silver, ...


Reaffirming the Dream: The Real Value of Your Business

Published August 30, 1999 Marshall B. Paisner |

Not long ago, on the lush greens of a Florida golf course, I met a man most Americans would envy. Jack had started a freight-forwarding business in the Midwest during the 1960s. He'd entered the busin...


What Will Your Business Look Like in 2020?

Published August 30, 1999 Jayne A. Pearl |

Much more than just tax prepHenry Bloch H&R BlockKansas City, MO“I imagine someday taxes will be prepared right on your TV set,” muses Henry Bloch, 77, who still presides as chairman of H...


How the World Is/Isn't Changing

Published August 30, 1999 Kelin Gersick |

On Jan. 1, 2000, people who own family companies will worry about competition; make numerous business decisions both trivial and significant; hope their children will find satisfying careers and lovi...


What You See Ahead

Published August 30, 1999 Edwin A. Hoover |

Keeping up with technology is at the top of the list of family business owners' greatest concerns for the coming decade. Going into the year 2000, more owners are also worrying about where they'll fi...


CEOs Have to Set People Priorities

Published May 30, 1999 James E. Barrett |

Younger folks in family businesses often complain, “They're not developing me.” And the owners or managers respond, “They want top jobs without getting ready for them.” Truly, this is an area ...