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The new normal

Published June 23, 2020 Caro U. Rock | Departments

Never in my wildest nightmares did I think we would still be in partial lockdown as the July/August issue of Family Business went to press, but here we are. While COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our wel...


Dueling Perspectives: Faith and the family business

Published June 23, 2020 Barbara Spector | Departments

The family owners of A. Duda & Sons — a diversified enterprise based in Oviedo, Fla., with operations in farming, ranching and agricultural management, real estate development and commercial pro...


July/August 2020 Family Matters

Published June 23, 2020 | Departments

Scott Teerlinck has joined Crescent Electric Supply Co., a 101-year-old family company based in East Dubuque, Ill., as president and CEO. Teerlinck succeeds Marty Burbridge, who is retiring after more...


At the Helm: G.A. Taylor Fernley

Published June 23, 2020 Patricia Olsen | Departments

Generation of family ownership: Fifth.About the company: We’re an association management company with the distinction of having founded the industry in 1886.Number of employees: We have 10 employees...


Celebration Corner: Centier Bank's 125th anniversary

Published June 23, 2020 Barbara Spector | Departments

The Business: Centier Bank currently has 64 retail locations throughout Northern and Central Indiana plus a corporate campus in Merrillville, Ind. In April, the bank passed $5 billion in assets, a sig...


Tips on interviewing life insurance advisers

Published June 23, 2020 Martin Valentic | Departments

The life of a business owner can be a constant stream of decisions — on a varied array of matters such as new[[{"fid":"12649","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt...


Porto Barrel Polka

Published June 23, 2020 Scott Chase | Departments

Does the word “polka” evoke images of fast-moving people swirling in coordinated motion? If so, you have a good handle on what it’s like to work at Bouchard Cooperages and Quinta do Tedo, two fa...


Family business owners weigh in on taxes, regulation

Published June 16, 2020 Patricia M. Soldano |

Legislators must know what is important to family business owners — what helps or hurts them when it comes to operating their businesses and creating more jobs. Laws affecting family businesses may ...


How bias affected our decisions during the pandemic

Published June 9, 2020 Joseph Zaccardi |

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed an avalanche of uncertainty and emotions for business owners and investors from which we are still digging out. We shifted our focus to self-preservation and our own we...


Eight actions to secure your family’s future amid COVID-19

Published June 9, 2020 |

For enterprising families during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important not only to stay connected as a family, but also to ensure the family enterprise will survive and thrive. “The foundation for...


Family firm with roots in Colonial America makes PPE

Published June 2, 2020 Lisa C. Johnson |

The Merrow family of New England have altered their business over the centuries, from a general store to a gunpowder maker to a sewing machine manufacturer to a maker of technical apparel. During the ...


Jelmar’s supply chain holds steady during pandemic

Published June 2, 2020 Barbara Spector |

CLR and Tarn-X cleaning products sold by Jelmar, a family company, are popular with consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company reports.“Our bath and kitchen cleaner and our mold and mildew ...


Direct investing strategies for family offices

Published June 1, 2020 William N. Haddad |

Family offices have traditionally focused on passive investments, allocating capital to funds and sponsors in a limited partner (LP) capacity. For those raising capital, family offices were often view...


Herschend prepares to open its theme parks

Published May 26, 2020 Barbara Spector |

Family-owned Herschend Enterprises, which delayed the openings of its theme parks because of COVID-19, is currently evaluating opening dates for the summer.In addition to theme park operator Herschend...


Specialty Restaurants reopens some of its locations

Published May 26, 2020 Barbara Spector |

Guests can once again reserve a table at Florida and Ohio eateries operated by Specialty Restaurants Corporation, a family-controlled company that owns 19 dining spots. In addition to Florida and Ohio...


Family-owned Bealls Inc. is financially healthy and open for business

Published May 21, 2020 |

Although Houston-based Stage Stores Inc., which operates stores that use the Bealls name in several states, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on May 10, Bealls Inc., the family-owned company ...


Branding your family business after the pandemic

Published May 18, 2020 R. Travis Coley |

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the business landscape, resulting in both demand shock and supply disruption. In a matter of weeks, we moved from growth and expansion to a full stoppage of non-essen...


Cybersecurity attacks target the wealthy

Published May 14, 2020 BlackCloak |

Changes in technology over the past couple of decades have created untold opportunities. With terms like digital age, information age, wireless and connectivity, the era of computers combined with the...


Amping up structures to prepare for the future

Published May 13, 2020 Margaret Steen | Feature Article

In the late 1980s, Charles A. Collat Sr. asked his four children if they knew what it meant to run a family business.“Being young and naive, we said, ‘Absolutely, we know what it means to run a fa...


Practical steps you can take to help your business survive COVID-19

Published May 13, 2020 Michael Brandess | Feature Article

Conflict and disruption are woven deeply into the fabric of most family businesses. If there isn’t an external threat occupying the family’s attention, an internal one is ever present. Because of ...