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The reality of wealth and your kids

Published March 1, 2023 Dennis T. Jaffe |

With privilege comes responsibilities


Venting with Purpose: How To Complain About Your Family

Published February 23, 2023 Doug Baumoel |

Tips for complaining about family members and how best to respond 


Your family business brand

Published February 22, 2023 Meghan Lynch |

Your family business story is your greatest asset


Raising kids with wealth

Published February 22, 2023 Adrienne M. Penta |

Don't run away from the hard questions


Storytelling: The past can lend perspective

Published February 15, 2023 As told to Amy Cosper |

Why you should make documenting your history a formal part of your operations


Making the world a better place

Published February 15, 2023 Chris Yount |

Doing the right thing with your wealth


Current income vs. long-term growth

Published February 15, 2023 Charlie Carr |

How to distinguish between an income-focus and a growth-focus


Luck Companies is Crushing It

Published February 8, 2023 Amy C. Cosper |

It’s more than just luck



6 Things Family Business Owners Wish They Knew Before Selling

Published February 8, 2023 Justin Berman |

There is never a perfect time to sell


The Secret to NextGen Success

Published February 8, 2023 Charlie Rhomberg |

As generations get further removed from the founding of the company, their relationship with it changes


Do Family Businesses Have a “Nepo Baby” Problem?

Published February 1, 2023 Amy C. Cosper |

A tacky -- but trending -- topic


5 Key Traits: Hiring an Outside Board Member

Published February 1, 2023 Chris Yount |

What to look for 


Investing: Lessons from the FTX Implosion

Published January 26, 2023 Charlie Carr |

“I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here." -- Louis from Casablanca


Three generations, one epic view

Published January 25, 2023 Matt Villano |

The Eberhardt family and the Aurora Borealis share a common reality: They’ve all been hanging out north of Fairbanks, Alaska, for a long, long time.Sure, the Northern Lights likely have been tw...


Six Best Practices for Selling or Transferring Your Business

Published January 23, 2023 Pratik Patel |

Selling or transferring a business can be a life-changing event.  The event is the culmination of years of hard work and often results in the monetization of your largest, albeit most illiquid, a...


Hello, Alice!

Published January 17, 2023 Matt Villano |

A woman-owned California company is aiming to make life easier for multigenerational family businesses 


Succession is a journey, not a plan

Published January 11, 2023 Dennis T. Jaffe | Feature Article

Why you need a new mindset


How to Create a Next Gen Wealth Education Plan

Published January 11, 2023 Kirby Rosplock, PhD. |

Most families struggle when it comes to planning wealth education for the next generation. Often, learning initiatives start informally and don’t get real traction because  there is no formal l...


Doing Good: Mitzi Perdue

Published January 10, 2023 Scott Chase |

A ring, an auction and a gift to Ukraine


Royal Family: Heir-ing of Grievances

Published January 10, 2023 Amy C. Cosper |

In his book, Spare, Prince Harry reveals a lot about families and family business