January 2020

Study: NextGens are eager to advance

A global survey of more than 950 NextGen family business members by professional-services firm PwC found the rising generation is eager to ascend to leadership roles and confident in their abilities.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents (64%) said they can add “significant value” to ensure their family firm’s strategy is fit...Read more

Resilience highlights a strong family culture

Highlights magazine, revered by young readers and their parents since its founding nearly 75 years ago, presents educational content in format so subtle that children don’t even notice they’re learning. Seeking out images in a “Hidden Pictures” puzzle or pondering the behavior of recurring characters Goofus and Gallant just seems...Read more

Developing effective governance: Persistence pays off

Our family business, E. Ritter & Company (ERC), was founded in the 1880s as a general merchandise store. ERC entered the communications business in 1906 when our founder, Ernest Ritter, installed a 10-line telephone switch in the back of his general merchandise store. Today Ritter Communications, a subsidiary of ERC,...Read more

A son's push for planning

In many family businesses, it’s the younger generation that’s eager to charge ahead and the elders who rein them in. At Summer Classics, a Pelham, Ala.-based manufacturer and retailer of luxury outdoor furniture, those roles are reversed. Founder and CEO William Bew White III, known as Bew, is the risk-taker....Read more