March 2018

#MeToo can affect you, too

The #MeToo movement, sparked by October 2017 articles in the New York Times and New Yorker detailing sexual harassment and assault claims against film mogul Harvey Weinstein, triggered an ongoing wave of allegations that has felled once-powerful figures in Hollywood, politics, the media, the hospitality industry and other fields.

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New ideas from a new generation

Travis Klassen was a 25-year-old high school dropout working for his family’s Canadian trucking company, Valley Carriers, when he started studying business leadership and realized how little he knew about the family business. How was the company structured? What were its financials like? Was the company making enough money to...Read more

Women at the wheel

Perseverance is the key to success for women whose family businesses operate in male-dominated industries.


Barbara Moran-Goodrich was told she would never run her family’s automotive business because she was a woman. Her father told her this several times, in fact.

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From slave labor to thriving business: The storied history of McKissack & McKissack

In the fifth generation, twin sisters went separate ways professionally while keeping the family together.


Leatrice McKissack never intended to take over her husband’s celebrated...Read more