January 2017

A slow but sure transition

Tom Flesch, CEO of Gordon Flesch Company in Madison, Wis., chuckles as he describes his ascent to the presidency of the office equipment dealer in 1986. "My dad pretty much just did it one day," Tom says. "He told my brother John and a few others in the company a...Read more

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Promoting family togetherness

It took courage and spunk for two adventurous young men to launch an advertising agency in Detroit in 1929, when the country was teetering on the brink of the Great Depression.

Lawrence Michelson and Leonard Simons were fresh out of high school, with no clients and no experience. Advertising as...Read more

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York Athletics: A family business in three acts

York Athletics sprang from a little guilt, a storied history and the entrepreneurial spirit of five brothers who came together to compete with some of the most iconic brands in the world. While its roots go back three generations, the Boston-based lifestyle footwear company is a brand new family business...Read more

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