March 2016

Starting at the bottom

As Adam Povlitz was on his hands and knees scrubbing toilets at a local daycare center in 2009, he wondered if he had made the right decision in leaving his job at IBM to work for the family business, Anago Cleaning Systems. Adam's father, David, had founded Anago, based in...Read more

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Cast in stucco: A succession plan takes shape

It was on the radar screen, especially over the last five years. Succession planning was right there, on the "To Do" list. It was never really forgotten but somehow had gotten sidelined, a casualty of the daily demands of running Reitter Stucco & Supply Company Inc., based in Columbus, Ohio....Read more

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Follett looks toward the future

Over its 142-year history, the Follett Corporation has metamorphosed from a humble used-textbook operation into a large, complex and far-reaching education provider. Meanwhile, the extended Follett family, which has owned the company since 1924, has grown to 268 members, requiring new thinking on how to keep the family connected to...Read more

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Starting at the bottom at Anago Cleaning Systems

When David Povlitz’s children started working at his company, Anago Cleaning Systems in Pompano Beach, Fla., their first assignments were at the low end of the totem pole.

As David’s son, Adam Povlitz, scrubbed toilets at a local daycare center in 2009, he wondered if he...Read more

How Bithgroup Technologies was built

Family Business Q&A: Robert L. Wallace



Please provide some information about your company.

RLW: Bithgroup Technologies is a technology services company that was started after I left IBM. We provide services in four areas: health information technology, enterprise services, identity services and energy information systems. We...Read more