July 2015

Family Business Q&A: John Reininger

John Reininger

Chief Relationship Officer, The Clemens Family Corporation


What is your company background?

JR: We were founded back in 1895 by our great-great grandfather, John C. Clemens. The business we’re involved in, I...Read more

Family Business Q&A: Joshua Nacht

Joshua Nacht
Board member, Bird Technologies

Please provide some background information about Bird Technologies.

JN: Bird Technologies was founded in 1942 outside of Cleveland, Ohio. We make radio...Read more

When planning to sell your business, be sure to address your family issues

Selling a family business is an intense process that draws on the skills and experiences of everyone involved—the CEO, owners, management team and outside advisers. Combining family issues with business considerations further complicates the sale process. Understanding what the family business provides to each key family member and addressing these...Read more

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How 'gamification' can improve family education and engagement

Julie Andrews, playing the title role in the film Mary Poppins, sang: "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and, snap, the job's a game." As parents have known for generations, projects that seem like fun get accomplished more quickly, and more people...Read more

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Igniting the sparks of engagement in your family's younger generation


Picture yourself as a child on the Fourth of July, holding an unlit sparkler with great anticipation. Once lit, the sparks flew everywhere and all too quickly died out. That is, they died out until you figured out that you could keep the sparks flying by lighting another stick...Read more

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