May 2015

Controlling patriarch, wise mentor

Susan Stautberg (left) interviews Marilyn Carlson Nelson at WomenCorporateDirectors' Family Business Governance Institute.Marilyn Carlson Nelson -- retired chairman and CEO of Carlson, the global travel and hospitality company -- learned many lessons about...Read more

Study of large family companies yields some surprising findings

Tax and advisory firm Ernst & Young has been gradually releasing findings from its survey of the world’s largest family businesses, conducted in partnership with Kennesaw State University’s Cox Family Enterprise Center. The first wave of data has received much attention from the media (including Family Business Magazine; see ...Read more

Preparing to transition your business to a leader from outside the family

Many of the obstacles that families face in passing their business to the next generation relate to the inextricable connection between "hard" and "soft" issues. The key to navigating these issues is flexibility.

Rather than "keeping everything in the family,"an increasing number of families are transitioning from managers to owners...Read more

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