Amy Billings

Family Council and Executive Committee Member, J.E. Dunn Construction Company

Amy Dunn Billings is a fourth-generation owner of JE Dunn Construction Group, a general contracting company based in Kansas City, Missouri with $2.79 billion in annual revenue and ranked the tenth largest general contracting company in the United States (2015). Amy is active on the Dunn Family Council, serving as a core member in the development and leadership of the council since its inception in 2015. Her primary objectives are to increase communication among the extended family and to promote opportunities that provide development of the soft skills crucial to the success of a democratic family system.
By day, Amy and her husband, Michael, run a bison ranch and wedding venue with overnight accommodations. They are proud stewards of this majestic icon of America and enjoy providing guided tours of the herd to guests.  Grass-finished, premium bison meat is also made available to local restaurants and farmers’ markets. Weekends are busy with weddings catering to couples looking for an upscale, rustic vibe in an authentic ranch setting. With such a busy lifestyle, there is not a lot of time for hobbies, so Amy and Michael make a point to squeeze in some traveling even if it is only as far as the back porch to soak in a stunning Midwest sunset.