Alex Schwan

Next Generation, The Schwan Food Company

The Schwan Food Company is a multi-billion dollar family owned company with approximately 15,000 subsidiary employees in the United States. Based out of Minnesota, the company sells fine, branded frozen food through home delivery, the foodservice industry and grocery stores in North America.
Alex Schwan is a grandson of the founder, Marvin M. Schwan, and is one of 14 members of the third generation of owners of The Schwan Food Company. He is currently studying at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. He is studying business with concentrations in Finance, Management, and Entrepreneurship. At NEU, Alex is also involved with the family business center and is a candidate for the CFA certification. He has also devoted significant time to developing the communication practices within his family.
Alex has held positions within The Schwan Food Company, Morgan Stanley, The Institute for Preparing Heirs, EquipNet, and various philanthropies.