Advice for daughters in male-dominated industries

By April Hall


Family business women who have risen through the ranks in male-dominated industries suggest the following success strategies:

Be committed. Succession in a family business is a long-term endeavor, especially if the company is planning major investments or an expansion.

Let your experience speak for itself. Don’t tell people why you’re qualified — show them. Immerse yourself in the industry, and be prepared to answer questions and make tough decisions.

Find mentors. Reach out to more experienced colleagues in your field. When possible, find another woman who has worked her way up and can educate you on the nuances of industry culture. But don’t rule out a male mentor — in family businesses fathers may not naturally step in, but will help when asked.

Be confident. Even if there is pushback on female succession, inside or outside the company, stand strong. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will, either.

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