About Transitions 2011

"Transitions 2011: Family Governance, Legacy, Wealth and Generational Change" is co-sponsored by Stetson University Family Enterprise Center and Family Business Magazine, and is the only conference created for family companies, by family companies.

Who Should Attend

Attendance at this conference is strictly limited to 120 family business owners, shareholders and family members. The conference will be ideal for senior family business leadership to attend with their next generation of leaders and shareholders. It is designed to facilitate conversation on important family issues among generations.  There is special programming for family business members aged 15-25.

NOTE: All attendees will be vetted to ensure that they are family company leaders, members or shareholders. This event is only for family-run companies.  Senior advisers to family companies may attend ONLY with the family company they represent.

Advisers to family companies may inquire about sponsorship opportunities. Contact Scott Chase at (301) 879-1613, or email scottchase@verizon.net.

What Attendees Say

(Selected feedback from Transitions 2010)

The conference was a wow! Full of relevant, timely information for any family business at any stage of the journey. I appreciated the candor of the other participants at the networking events. I left the conference motivated to keep the family business going, and with ideas in hand on how to do that.
Katie Mattes
Vice President
CityParking Inc.
Richmond, VA

Excellent quality of speakers and content; the conference was timely and informative and covered critical areas of concern.
Dan Agnew
Columbia Distributing
Portland, OR

Where do I start? I should have had this information years ago! The people I met were great and I learned from everyone also!
Virginia Veith
Virginia Marti College of Art & Design
Lakewood, Ohio