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Wealth is a gift, not an entitlement

Economic fairness should depend on who is creating value

Reckoning: Family Business Confront Race, Racism and Inclusion

Business families are educating themselves about the Black-white wealth gap in the United States and discussing what they can do about it.

Failure sucks, but try it anyway

Lessons on the Law of Janta, failure and the art of creating without fear

A piece of the pie

A hands-on approach keeps this family business in the dough

Conflict: Honor your family's roots

Manage conflict through engagement

Brennan's: Old Is the New New

Ralph Brennan focuses on preserving legacy, reinventing tradition and reminding his staff and customers that 75 years is nothing in the New Orleans restaurant business.

Board Dysfunction: Who Is Ultimately Responsible?

We have all seen the data and research on how board diversity improves the bottom line. The message is clear: Take diversity seriously, make the neces ...

Amy Cosper

The audacious ask

On the delicate art of fearlessly asking “why”

Are your family business ownership documents in order?

Members of a family business may be tempted to adopt ownership documents (such as shareholder, partnership and LLC agreements) that are less robust th ...


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